Lighting + Furniture

Sculptural furnishings custom made for you


Qwerky creations to liven up any area both inside & out

Landscape Plans

Unique landscape design specific to your needs

Custom designs for your home both through landscape and sculpture

Shapes + Scapes
 Christchurch, provides landscape architecture and sculptures and as a company 
prides itself on creating unique creations for both inside and outside. Whether it be a landscape plan, lamp, sculpture, seat or something different, we can work with you to create a sometghing that will fit perfectly with your desires.

If you want a unique piece of artwork or design to enhance your property - something purpose built, specially made just for you -  then Shapes + Scapes can help.  We design and develop valuable artwork to enhance and create interest.

If you want something to add instant dynamics to your outdoor area then we can design and create for you, a design that will fit perfectly with your garden or living area.  We specialize in handmade steel sculptures,  and landscape plans, each one designed and created from scratch.
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